• Site:Brooklyn New York Gallery
    Online Exhibition 'New Painting' 15th June - 15th July 2023

    'New Encounters' and "Urban Encounters' have been selected for Site:Brooklyn online exhibition 'New Painting'  juried by Rachel Gugelberger - a New York based art curator 

  • 'ABSTRACTI♀︎N' Group Show
    Five Walls Gallery Melbourne
    Opening Fri Feb 3rd 6-9pm:
    Curated by @missy_u_ & @emma.langridge.

  • Latest Issue Art Edit 31
    Karen Benton
    'Sacrifice to Save'
    Page 202
    For more info - read my blog

  • Site:Brooklyn New York Gallery
    Online Exhibition 25th February 2022 –  25th March  2022
    Delighted for my work ‘Always Searching’ to be selected for Site:Brooklyn Gallery, New York - online exhibition ‘Contemporary Colour’ juried by Chloe Wyma 
    For more information

  • Movement in Stillness
    Exhibition at Scratch Art Space with Jude Williams
    Opening Wed 2 March 2022 6-8pm
    Runs 3-13 March 2022
    For more information

  • Site:Brooklyn New York Gallery
    Online Exhibition 23rd December 2021 –  23rd January  2022
    Delighted for my work ‘Sharing a Space’ to be selected for Site:Brooklyn Gallery, New York - online exhibition ‘Pattern and Repetition’ juried by Angelik Vizcarrondo-Laboy.
    For more information

  • Articulate Turns Eleven
    Group Show December 2021
    Find out more

  • Assemblage of organic, industrial and traditional material responding to shared spaces and connections

  • Que des Femmes Exhibition 2021
    Factory 49 Group Show
    Find out more 

  • 'Lightness of Being' 
    Group Show at Articulate Project Space
    Read my blog post
    29 May - 13 June 2021

  • Group Sculptural Show
    Factory 49
    12 May - 5 June 2021

  • Group Show
    Meaningful Manoeuvres 2021
    Gaffa Gallery
    Opening Saturday 6th March 
    Find out more

  • FRACAS 6 2021
    Group Exhibition at Articulate Project Space Sydney
    Opening 19th -21st February 2021
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  • Factory 49 Annual Group Show 2020

    Opening 2nd September 2020

    Find out more 

  • "Open to Uncertainty" Exhibition 2020
    Solo Exhibition at Five Walls Gallery Melbourne

  • Ambiguity of Spaces Between
    Upcoming show at GAFFA Gallery Sydney
    Opening 12th September 2019 6-8pm

  • Large Sculpture Group Show
    Factory 49, Marrickville NSW

    On until 4th May 2019

  • "There Before" has been selected for exhibition at Sydney University's Verge Gallery
    A studio based practice & Documents, Alternatives #2

    Opening January 18 2018, 6pm-8pm
    Continuing to February 24

Assembling materials to depict, reveal, suggest, provoke.......


Layering of material and metaphor play a key role in my assemblages and are used to depict the emotions and shared encounters experienced within the urban space. 

My practice is situated in the field of extended painting in which I borrow approaches from painting, sculpture and fiber art. Favouring process over image making, I follow in a long line of artists challenging what painting is and what it does.

My sculptural paintings aim for a tension between touch and vision with each arrangement being a twisting and weaving of materials and emotions.

I am interested in the notion of vulnerability with my work often responding to the spaces between strength and fragility, control and spontaneity, familiarity and uncertainty. 

The manipulating of traditional and unconventional materials sees acrylic and ink-stained canvas layered and entwined with an array of repurposed and salvaged textiles and unconventional materials to encapsulate a sense of both connectedness and entanglement.

My process of layering and distorting of boundaries is often a journey where the unexpected and accidental often occurs delivering an element of curiosity and the inexplicable. 

I aim to shift and distort boundaries between mediums to offer different perspectives on an experience and am intrigued by materials that can be shaped by hand, which ‘remember’ the actions performed on them, and reflect these moments in the finished piece.

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