New Painting Exhibition

Two of my works have been selected by SIte: Brooklyn juried by Rachel Gugelberger for the online exhibition 'New Painting'. Rachel Gugelberger is a New York-based curator with a focus on place-based practices around social, cultural, and civic issues.

The two works selected are 'New Encounters' and "Urban Encounters'.

Both works play with unconventional materials alongside the more traditional to explore interactions between multiple surfaces, gestures, textures and colour. 

New Encounters alludes to a desire for encountering new experiences when released from boundaries while Urban Encounters alludes to the sense of connectedness and entanglement often encountered within the urban space.

Gugelberger writes - “Ranging from abstraction and the defamiliarization of the everyday to material and referential responses to the chaos (and absurdity) of our current moment, the meaningful differences between real/fiction, recognizable/imperceptible, and remembered/imagined collapse here into a matter of perception. .

To view the exhibition go to My works are on Wall 2.