• The materials and processes within my practice are evolving to accommodate new concepts. I continue to consider the complexities of abstraction by questioning and experimenting with the medium; the use of methods from expressionist and minimal art; and the adaptation of photography, screen printing, digital imagery and installation.

    My artwork will continue to evolve as I experiment with abstracting observations and concepts derived from fashion, science and the urban.

Drawing from fields of painting, fashion and urban/city design, materiality informs the concept just as much as the concept informs the materiality. 

I like for there to be a sense of impermanence with many of my works, whether installed directly on to walls or attached to a frame.

When the materiality and structure of a painting have more room to take on naturally occurring characteristics the works engage more directly with the space and walls they are hung on. When a painting is allowed to fold, curl and twist against a wall, it reveals shadows and irregularities in its shape. Details like these emphasise the tactile nature of the materials and allow them to take on sculptural traits, which is key to my practice.

It is hoped that the viewer responds to my work in some kind of physical way. I want my works to be raw and rugged, but also maintain a sense of grace, tactility, ambiguity and sensitivity – so hopefully people are drawn in to inspect the materials closely and pick up on all the small details. I also hope they maybe inquisitive and want understand how the paintings are made. The larger works I hope are physically grounding and give viewers a sense of their own presence.

Many small marquettes are constructed before commencing on the larger works. This allows for experimentation with materials and ideas. I take a lot of photographs of my work and of surrounding urban/city/streetscapes. I am drawn to the fragmented and wounded –both human and architectural.  I am always taking photographs of decaying and wrapped building facades, backdrops for the masquerade occurring on the street. I am intrigued by the oscillating dualities of reveal/conceal and perfection/imperfection. 

My artwork is also inspired by artists and designers including Rei Kawakubo, Isa Genzken, Robert Rauschenberg, Charline von Heyl, Justene Williams, Jannis Kounellis, Christopher Wool, Alberto Burri, Lucio Fontana and Angela de la Cruz.