In the Studio - March 2017

At the end of last year, I had produced a number of artworks using materials such as metal, chains, rope, fabrics. I had produced what was described as a number of "iconic" pieces. 
This year, I have moved into a new studio space. It is much lighter and has already inspired me to produce artworks that are more complete installations.
Rather than individual pieces, I am more interested in arranging the works to generate a conversation not only between the pieces but the space itself.

The first installation involves string,corrugated iron, fashion pattern making paper, music cymbals and hoops.
I am drawn to a palette of neutrals: Metallics, hessian, string, white.
It is a minimalist palette.
And is it led by concept?
I have decided to be process driven and create for the space. As yet it is not loaded with meaning.
However on reflection, One possible reading could be that through using the paper often associated with pattern making in the fashion industry and juxtaposing its lightness/almost ghostly appearance with the hardness of the industrial metal, it is questioning our place in the urban landscape. 
What fragments/traces do we leave of ourselves as we wander through all of life's different stages?
One observer read this installation as a circus.
Perhaps this is a good reading - as isn't life arguably just one continual performance as we jump through hoops, and continue to find a way around obstacles.....